Why Using Red Diesel Could Land You with a Driving Conviction

Running a car can be expensive, and if you’re a diesel car owner you’ll have noticed the rising prices of diesel fuel as well as the negative press. Whilst rumours of diesel bans and congestion charges in city centres may be just a far off possibility, the current high price of diesel is a very real reality that frustrates diesel drivers daily. The fact that those purchasing red diesel are paying so much less than road diesel drivers can be frustrating, especially when red diesel works perfectly fine in a car meant for UK roads. It’s then tempting to try and obtain red diesel for your car. However, that would be ILLEGAL.

Why is it illegal to use red diesel?

It’s not actually illegal to use red diesel, but it all depends on how and what you use red diesel for. If you have a valid reason for using red diesel you won’t end up on the wrong side of the law and therefore won’t end up as a convicted driver looking for convicted driver insurance because you wanted to save money on your fuel bill. Many industries and individuals are allowed to take advantage of the low price of red diesel. This can include farms and those using machinery in the forestry industry, they are allowed access to red diesel due to their low profit margins. However red diesel can only be used on the roads in certain circumstances.

How would someone find out I’m using red diesel?

Purchasing red diesel isn’t as straightforward as filling your car up at the petrol station, otherwise most people would probably be tempted to undertake the illegal activity of the use of red diesel in a vehicle designed for driving on roads. You can only buy red diesel from specialist sellers, who may have varying processes of determining your eligibility. However, many red diesel providers pass on their transaction details to HMRC who could inform the Road Fuel Testing Units. If that does lead into an investigation you may be found guilty thanks to the red dye applied to red diesel, potentially landing you with a driving conviction and hunting for Convicted Driver insurance going forward.

What happens if I get caught?

In the more-than-likely event you are caught illegally using red diesel, you’ll likely see your vehicle or engine seized and forfeited. Depending on your action you could also face up to two years in prison or even seven years in prison depending if you have been seriously dishonest. Most likely there’s a good chance you’ll end up with a criminal conviction, and this could have serious consequences in your professional and personal life. If following a successful conviction you intend to driv,e you’ll now be classed as a convicted driver and will therefore need to pursue a Convicted Driver insurance policy, which should at the least teach you not to source cheaper fuel in an illegal way.

Convicted Driver Insurance

So, if you have been convicted of undergoing an illegal activity such as using red diesel where you received a criminal conviction you will now be faced with a few hurdles, one of which will be getting a Car insurance quote. As someone with a conviction, whether that is for a driving conviction or anything else, you will need to look at Convicted Driver insurance. This is because as someone with a driving conviction or a non-motoring conviction you will automatically be considered a higher risk to insure as the statistics show you are more likely to be involved in an incident or make a claim, hence the higher insurance premium.


Whilst significantly cheaper fuel prices may seem like it’s worth the risk, there’s a good chance you’ll be caught using red diesel in your car. Even if you do strike a deal with a local farmer what’s to stop them selling you down the river if the police come sniffing around? Other means of trying to obtain red diesel may throw up red flags and again get you caught. When you do get caught you’ll most likely end up getting a criminal conviction at the expense of saving a couple of quid, and any savings you do make will be taken up by court costs, fines and an increased Car insurance premium.